About Us

Who Are We?

We are #TeamFU, a group of ground breaking people working together to bring you the best and most common sense series of supplements so far.

​Fitness Universe™ is a registered trademark of Kerni Fitness Private Limited incorporated with Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2013. KFPL is an ISO (9001:2015) and GMP Certified company working and selling with an approval from Food Safety and Standard Authority of India.

​Fitness Universe™ Nutrition’s futuristic and all new expressive designs help distinguish the product portfolio ever further. It clearly reflects its high standard of research behind the products performance-enhancing characteristics and esteemed taste satisfying the requirements of India’s market and soon to be the consumers of Asia, Arabia and all across Europe.

Our Mission

Our idea of Nutrition and Supplementation is to keep it simple. Our mission to create and distribute extremely simple range of products which can help you achieve your goals considering your day to day lives. Our goal is to create products that can be consumed by everyone from an office goer to a sportsman, hence we keep it really simple and straight.

​Fitness Universe™ Nutrition truly represent the very best for achieving all goals for recreational sportsmen and women, wellness enthusiasts, fitness maniacs and top professional bodybuilders. Fitness Universe™ products enhance performance, complimented by a delicious taste, all available at highly competitive prices that have steered consumers to trust in Fitness Universe™ Nutrition.

What People Say

Amazing taste, Loved the whey protein  totally value for money..

Good range of products… really liked the no nonsense approach to the whole product list…..loved the vegan side of the range.

Great job done by the founder himself….nice range of products, need some work on the packaging though but a good job done..

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