Decoding Some of the Best Supplements for Men in India

With the government of India excessively promoting the healthy and fit India initiative, even citizens have become extremely conscious of their health and fitness. Irrespective of their age, staying energized and young is the desire possessed by one and all. However to stay fit and fine men need to consistently maintain a balanced diet for which they should meet their nutritional requirements.

Fulfilling all the body’s nutritional requirements is easy at a younger age but it is harder to achieve at an advanced age. Therefore, this is the time when dietary supplements come in handy, as the daily intake of supplements by men such as calcium, vitamin D, BCAAs supplement, vitamin E, vitamin C, MCT oil, Omega-3 fatty acids, whey protein, etc. are certainly effective in maintaining optimum overall health.

What are Supplements?

Dietary supplements are manufactured products made to supplement the diet. These are not medicines used to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases. Men who don’t take nutritious foods in their regular diet are prescribed supplements that help them get adequate amounts of essential nutrients that are needed to stay fit and healthy.

Supplements are also recommended to men who regularly gym because after rigorous physical training their bodies do require some supplements to make their bones and muscles strong. Dietary supplements comprise ingredients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and enzymes that help men achieve a balance between the foods and nutrients required by their bodies. These supplements are available in the form of tablets, capsules, gel caps, powders, and liquids.

The Benefits of Supplements for Men

Supplements assure men that they get enough of the vital substances required by the body to function and may also help to reduce the risk of disease. However, men should never consider supplements as an alternative to a healthy diet and must continue with the practice of taking a nutritious diet every day. Some of the vital benefits of supplements include:

  • Supplements ensure that men’s body is getting enough of all the nutrients that are essential for the body. Supplements allow people to get proper nutrients in the right amount and they can provide a particular nutrient required by their body through a supplement.
  • Supplements will make it easier for men to manage their weight, as there are some supplements that help men to get rid of extra weight. However, men should be careful in choosing the right weight loss supplements, as not all of them will be a healthy option for them.
  • Supplements will improve men’s cognitive abilities because with advanced age men’s cognitive abilities start to fade because their memory doesn’t remain as sharp as it used to be. Thus, to reverse this trend, men can take a few supplements that contain a special cognitive formula that may help them regain their cognitive abilities.
  • Athletes and fitness freaks who regularly work out to stay in good shape take supplements to help their bodies heal after a grueling workout. Taking the right supplements after the workout takes care of their bones, muscles, and tendons. Calcium and vitamin D supplements will prove great for keeping their bones strong and healthy. Fitness freaks are often recommended with whey protein supplements.

What to Look for in a Supplement for Men?

Men while buying supplements need to look for the ingredients, effectiveness, quality, along with safety, and risks. These factors are essential to consider because this will help them select the best supplement depending upon their body requirements. Men should check for the following things in the supplements before buying any supplement from the market:

  • Supplement Label:Men should check the supplement’s label that lists the active ingredients along with other ingredients like fillers, flavorings, and binders. The label also lists the amount per serving, and the dose suggested by the manufacturers.
  • Effectiveness:Men who don’t make a nutritious diet may have a deficiency of some essential nutrients in their bodies. Thus to maintain adequate amounts of essential nutrients men are recommended to take supplements. Therefore, it is essential for men to check the effectiveness of the supplement before start taking it. For example, calcium and vitamin D supplement is recommended to men who have weak bones.
  • Quality: Supplements manufacturers are required to follow good manufacturing practices to ensure the purity, strength, and composition of their dietary supplements. This further reduces the chance of contamination or improper packaging of the supplements. Men should opt for the supplements that have passed the quality tests because it indicates that the supplement was properly manufactured with the ingredients listed on the label and does not contain harmful levels of contaminants.
  • Safety and Risk:Men while buying supplements should also check for the risk and safety aspects, because the presence of active ingredients in supplements may have strong effects on the body, and on taking a new product, there is always a possibility of a bad reaction and men are likely to have side effects. Supplements may interact with some medicines that may cause problems, so men should be aware of the safety and risk associated with the supplements.

Best Supplements for Men in India

Men in India are often recommended with some supplements depending upon their age, problem, health conditions, or illness. A single supplement cannot be prescribed to every person, as everyone needs supplements according to the deficiency of nutrients in their body.

  • Calcium Supplement: Calcium supplements are the reliable and best way to fulfill the essential calcium requirements of the body. Calcium supplements are recommended to men for the growth and recovery of bones, strengthen the bones, ensure normal functioning of the heart, maintain lower blood pressure, and also maintain effective functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha is reckoned as a stress-busting supplement because adaptogen has the ability to help the body better respond to stress. Men are advised to take ashwagandha supplements to combat stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even PTSD. Besides, it also improves overall health and wellness in men.
  • Green Tea Supplement: Green tea supplements made using green tea extracts are recommended to men who require the highest levels of antioxidants in the blood. It is also suggested to men who want to lose weight without doing any exercise or going to the gym. The components of green tea supplements help in breaking down fat in the body that ultimately help men in losing weight.
  • Vitamin D Supplement: Vitamin D deficiency may lead to serious health issues in men, thus to combat this deficiency men are recommended to take vitamin D supplements that help them get enough of this nutrient. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that is vital for healthy bones, immune function, as well as cell growth.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids Supplement: Though the body gets omega 3 fatty acids mostly from the food but it is seen the normal diet doesn’t contain enough of these fatty acids, so men are advised to take Omega 3 supplements because it ensures good heart health, facilitate good mental health, boost immunity, and reduces inflammation.
  • BCAAs Supplement: BCAA supplements are advised to men who work out daily to promote muscle repair. These supplements also help stimulate muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle fatigue, and increase post-workout muscle growth. Made with active ingredients such as amino acids leucine, isoleucine, valine, glutamine, and coconut water extract, it is ideal for muscle repair and recovery.
  • Whey Protein Supplement: This protein supplement is recommended to men who don’t get enough protein from food, as this whey protein supplement will provide them with the right amount of protein and will also minimize their calorie intake. Whey is a water-soluble milk protein that is a complete protein having all the amino acids required by the human body. This supplement is ideal for men looking to build lean muscle mass.
  • Vitamin E Supplement: Vitamin E supplements are recommended to men who are suffering from conditions like digestive problems, Crohn’s disease, and cystic fibrosis. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that serves as an antioxidant and boosts heart and eye health, besides promoting healthy skin. Men who are on low-fat diets may also have Vitamin E deficiency.
  • Multivitamin Supplement: Multivitamin supplements are recommended to men who are devoid of a balanced diet due to their busy schedules. This supplement helps them stay fit and healthy, manage all vitamins in the body, and enhance energy levels. This supplement is a mix of different kinds of vitamins found in a food source and fulfills the vitamins deficiency in men.
  • Spirulina Supplement: Spirulina is known as a super food because of its high nutritive value and it consists of different vitamins, minerals, protein, and various nutrients required by the body. Spirulina supplements are recommended to men to maintain and check easy blood flow from the heart, prevent strokes, maintain blood pressure levels in the body, control diabetes as it has no sugar but ample protein, and provide a healthy digestive system.
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